Welcome to the Exelixis Investigator Sponsored Trial (IST) Portal. ISTs are clinical studies designed, led, and operated by a third-party sponsor that is external and independent of Exelixis (usually a Principal Investigator and sponsoring institution). Accordingly, for ISTs, the third party will assume all sponsor responsibilities for the study.

Exelixis supports independent, unsolicited research relating to disease areas of interest to Exelixis or relating to Exelixis' products through its IST and Clinical Programs to advance research and enhance disease understanding. IST investigators and/or their affiliated institutions assume responsibility for all aspects of the study, including design, regulatory approval, initiation, conduct, and monitoring of the study, and analysis and publication of the results. IST proposals submitted to Exelixis are reviewed by Exelixis' scientific and medical committees for scientific merit as well as safety, legal, ethical, and budgetary considerations. Support for approved proposals is provided in the form of financial support, study drug supply, or both as requested in the study design. This program is open to physicians, researchers and institutions interested in conducting their own research.

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